Armed Forces Community Covenant

Working together with the military to support the armed forces community.

The aim is to encourage charities, local authorities, businesses, communities and individuals to work together with the military to offer support to service personnel and their families as well as reservists and veterans

The aims of the covenant are:

  • Encourage local communities to support the armed forces community in their areas, and vice versa
  • Promote understanding and awareness among the public of issues affecting the armed forces community
  • Recognise and remember the sacrifices made by the armed forces community
  • Encourage activities which help to integrate the armed forces community into local life.

The government has published a new tri-service Armed Forces Covenant. The first of its kind, it sets the tone for government policy aimed at improving the support available for the armed forces community. Visit the Ministry of Defence website for more information about the covenant.

How local people help?

Local people already support the services community by:

  • fundraising
  • taking part in military events and celebrations
  • attending homecoming  and repatriation ceremonies.
Future activities could include:
  • running youth groups or sports clubs for the children of serving soldiers
  • creating support networks for families of serving soldiers
  • helping ex-servicemen or women to take part in local activities.
The benefits could be mutual, with local armed forces getting involved in local projects, educational and sporting events.

Who can take part?

  • Local authorities
  • health service providers
  • town and parish council
  • Businesses such as shops and restaurants
  • Charities and community groups
  • Individual members of the public.

Helpful Organisations

Here you will find a list of Organisations which may be able to offer help and advice to ex military personnel.


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